1W 4500LM Miner Lamp Digital Light LED Display Helmet Cap Lamp Cordless

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Miner Light 

Digital Display Cordless

4500Lux 1W LED Display Helmet Safety Cap Lamp 18001010


Main Description

A truly powerful Head Lamp every Miner needs

With great design feature with Explosion and Water Proof,

Electric Shock Proof, Moisture Proof and Impact Proof

1 Watt Cree LED 4,500 Lux Miners Cordless Head Lamp

With Digital Display & Wall Smart Charger & Lanyard


Designed for the people who require to work at night or work in the dark

With its long hours of continuous bright illumination and excellent energy saving ability

it is particularly suited for

Mining, open cut coal mining, tapping rubber, mineral industry, tunnel projects

Construction and maintenance of power, communication industry

Highway/railway repairs at night

Night lamp for flood rescuing and marine use

For outdoor adventures, fishing, hunting, camping

Auto repair and even the tradies can use it by attaching it to their tool belt etc.

Main Feature

1 Watt LED Bright

Working time more than 15 hours

More than 4500Lux at the beginning of work

More than 3500Lux after 11 hours continue working time

Battery Usage life more than 1000 cycles

Main light life time: 100,000 hours

4 piece LED display to show current time and battery charge level

Li-ion battery, with 110v-245V smart wall charger

Compact and lightweight (only 225gms), Maintenance free

Explosion proof, water proof, electric shock proof, moisture proof and impact proof

Protection grade: IP65 

This lamp has two light sources Main and Secondary, working independent of each other. That means if one of the sources is damaged the other source continues to work 

In full charge Main source can run for over 15 hours and the Secondary source for over 40 hours 

The lamp automatically switches from Main source to Secondary source after 11hours of lighting


Rated Capability: 4.2Ah ( li-ion battery)

Rated Voltage: 3.7V

Main light LED working current: 0.35A

Main light power: 1 W

Main light Luminous flux: > 100 Lm

Short circuit protection time: < 15 ms

Usage duration of battery ( recharges): 1000 times

Charging time: < 8 hours

Charging voltage and current: 4.9V@1Amp


Package including:

1xCree LED Head Lamp as picture shown


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