The BORN type Garage Door Opener

  • The BORN type Garage Door Opener
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The BORN type use LED light, work with belt drive rail or chain drive rail. Support battery backup, external receiver, infrared sensor, and keypad. The openers have the functions: obstruction reverse, soft start and soft stop.
The outer color can be changed according to customers’ request



Micro intellectual control——one button to control open, stop and close.

The light is on while opening or closing the door, three

minutes late the light is off automatically. The unit

running is controlled by computer program. Test the

force of open or close the door, the optional functions

are photo beam, autoclose, lock door, etc. The door

pauses momentarily then rebounds when it reaches

the hinders on the closing way. The protecting

functions are overload, over hot or low power input,


DC motor——Low noise, soft start, slow stopping to protect the unit and

make sure it can be used for a long time.

LED display——Working situation can be shown on the LED screen.

Decoding——Rolling code.

Manual Disengagement——Open and close the door by hand without


Optional Functions——Photo beam, battery back up, wall button and

flash light.


Technical Specifications

Power Input  220V AC ±10% 50~60Hz

Reception frequency  433.92MHz

Motor  24V DC

Decoding  Rolling Code

Working Temperature   >20, <+50

Transmitter power   27A 12V Battery

Relative Humidity   ≤90

Globe   24V 5W

Open and close force   600N 800N 1000N 1200N

Courtesy light time   3 minutes

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