Plumbing pipe crimper press tube tools 16 20 25 32mm al ss pex

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Plumbing crimper

Pex-al pipe press tube tools

16,20,25,32mm pipe 24001003

Suitable viega, pro-press, elkhart, conex pipe fittings

With 16,20,25,32 jaws (europe standard)

360 degree head rotation for easy access

Forged jaws press accurately without leaving burns

Easy interchangeable dies, change effortlessly from different sizes and systems

Handle-elongated: clockwise rotation the handle, open lock, the handle can be elongated, shrink the handle and rotate the handle lock.

Working range:

Plastic system 15– 32mm

Pressing time – 5 secs (nominal)

Max piston force – 19kn

Main feature

Rotated 360 degree: the press tool head can be rotated 360 degree.

C-shape opening tool head: half-opening press tool head.

Easy installation: tool press jaws install directly, no need wrench

Using suggestion:

Keep this instruction manual for safety warnings and precautions, assembly, operating, inspection, maintenance and cleaning.

Operate the press tool incorrect way maybe be cause pressing fault and result to pipe fittings damaged.

To work correct with the pipe fittings, operator must choose the correct size jaws before work, and must install the press jaws under correct way.

Technical suggestion:

One tool for different sizes accept; 

Choose the right size dies according your pipe fittings;

Fix the dies into the tool head and operate tool handles in right way.


Damaged equipment may cause injury.

Inspect the press tool is necessary before operating.

Check for loose screw, misalignment or binding of moving parts, cracked or broken parts, or any other condition that may affect its safe operation.


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