Liquid float switch level sensor tank 15amp 3m water control regulator

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Level switch sensor

3m wire water tank

Float indicator regulator


High quality float switch

Comes with 3 meters cables.   

Float switch is a switch which regulates water level

The float switch is resistant to water (sewage water).



•cable length :3 meters

•color: blue as picture

•rated voltage

•working temperature 0 ~ 50 degree

•electrical endurance: 1 x 100000 times

•used in industrial and domestic

•automatic cut off with help of leveler

•automatic turns on with help of leveler

•frequency: 50 hz - 60 hz

•max current: 15 amp

•input voltage125v -250v

•comes with 3 cables for safe hard wiring (no plug required) hard wiring is the safest way

•protection grade : ip68

•used in tanks - well - ponds


Package includes:

1 x float switch with weight


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