1W Miner Head Light Lamp 2200LM 1+6 Auxiliary LED Safety Cap Cordless

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Portable Miner Headlamp

LED Mining Lighting Cap Lamp 18001014



This product is designed for the people who require working at night or working in the dark.

With its long hours of continuous illumination and excellent energy saving

Suitable for coal mining, tapping rubber, outdoor adventure, fishing, hunting, camping, auto repair and other related industries.


Main Feature:

Power: Rechargeable lithium battery with capacity is 2200mAh;

Light Source: 1+6 LED

The work of the main light 1W high power LED

Auxiliary lights 1 +6 LED full light (small current) auxiliary lighting;

Intelligent Charge Management:

Charging and full of electric lights turn directions

Overcharge and over discharge intelligent protection, extended battery and lamp's life;


Lighting time:

The main light, continuous illumination 18 hours;

Auxiliary lights can continuous illumination more than 40 hours.

Water-proof and explosion-proof design:

Safety and higher performance



Rated Capacity: 2.2Ah

Nominal Voltage: 3.7V

Lighting Time: more than 18 h

LED Light Source: 3.7V, 180-200micro-Amp

Battery Life: more than 500 times.


Package including:

1 x Mining Headlamp

1 x Charger


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