10x Bird Spike 50cm S304 Spikes PP Base Eave Gull Starling Pigeon PCO 5M

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Anti Bird Spikes

PP narrow base

Stainless +50cm Length per Pack

Bird Species:  Pigeons, Gulls, Starlings etc.



Bird Spikes prevent pigeons from perching on your property.

Great for most applications.

Long-lasting polycarbonate provides decades of maintenance-free protection.

Easy to Install - Attach quickly with Adhesive, nails, screws, wire ties, etc.

Transparent - Polycarbonate is transparent which is practically invisible.

Dense - Top branches protrude from the vertical shafts to give impenetrable coverage.

Flexible - Mounts easily on flat, curved or irregular surfaces.

Environmentally Friendly - And Non-Lethal. Nothing to rust or deteriorate.

Economical - Sturdy plastic does the same job as stainless steel at a fraction of the cost.



Material: Polycarbonate Base and 304 Stainless Steel Wire

Wire Diameter of Spike: 1.3mm

Length of Spike: 11.2cm

Spike Quantity per Stripe: 40 Spikes

Protection Width:12cm

Base Size:50cm (L) x 2,2cm (W) x 11.2cm (h)

Weight:75g/ Metre

Bird Activity: Day time perching, night time roosting and some nesting areas

Infestation:From light to heavy infested areas

Visibility (Base):Low profile base will not be seen from the ground level looking upwards

Visibility (Wires):Stainless Steel far less visible than plastic spikes


Package including:

10x Spike Stripe as package ( total 5 M )

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