Hydraulic Puller 5 Ton Bearing Hub Separator Garage Tool Set Kit Heavy Duty

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5 Ton

Heavy Duty

Hydraulic Puller

Bearing Hub Separator

Garage Tool Set Kit 20021001


Work Principle

Hydraulic Gear Puller moves ahead directly by the hydraulic starter pole, so the handspike don’t turn by itself. The alcula- pedestal adjusts the distance for go ahead and back off go with the screw thread. When operate it, just need the handle wiggles fore-and-aft in small range, the hydraulic starter pole move ahead and at the same time, the alcula back off induce the pulling object pull off.

Application area

Hydraulic Gear Puller is the idealization new tool instead of the transmission gear puller. Simple operation, laborsaving, not restricted by locale, and it with compact configuration, agility use, light weight, small bulk, and easy take. It applies to factory and repair location.


Main Feature:

Safety LoadingTon):5

Axis Valid Distancemm):50

Verticle Max Distancemm):140

Horizontal Max Out Diametermm):200

All these balloon can be ordered in mass, we are manufacture seller in Australia


Package Including:

1 Set Garage Tool Set Kit

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